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This website created to share course materials and student work for Arch 4509/6509: Fabric Space: Drawing Assemblies. The course is currently taught at Cornell University College of Architecture Art and Planning (Spring 2023-Fall 2023). The course is offered as a Visual Representation/Building technology course in the department of Architecture.

Previous Participants: Sahil Adnan, Maresa Amador, Jada Cannon, Tung Chen, Lauren Franco, Zexin Gu, Lydia Knecht, Athena Lin, Misbah Afshaan Musthafa, Maxwell Rodencal, Christopher Rouhi, Keygan Sinclair, Julia Vasilyev, Kseniya Yerakhavets, Jae Geun Yoo

Current Participants: Alessia Kunkel, Praveen Menon, Brenda Bai, Weiqi Wang, Shihui Xie, Claudia Chang, Dana Herrault, Marlee Barnes, Andrea Olmedillo, Evan Levy, Gemma Xie, Minyu Huang

Ekin Erar is a designer and an educator, currently teaching as a visiting critic at Cornell AAP, where she served as a Design Teaching Fellow in 2022-23.

Born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey, Ekin has worked on projects in Europe and the Americas, and her work has been featured in the Venice and São Paulo Architecture Biennales among other institutions including Rice University, Cornell University and Pratt institute. Ekin's interest lies in the making of architecture, through which she blends conventional material systems with experimental assembly techniques. Bridging the gap between manual and digital fabrication, Ekin uses material research as an integral part of her design processes and challenges the ways architecture is translated from represented to real.

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